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Main Features of Where is my app?

Where is my App? is a new amazing way to find and launch your favorite apps!
With this app you can find your apps faster then ever before.

  • Search your apps by name or tag
  • Most used apps will be on top for quick access
  • Quickly access app details/deinstall app etc
  • Explore your device by finding apps you did not know of

First Startup

If you first start Where is my App? you will find grid of your current installed apps. To find and launch the apps you are looking for, just tap inside the search textfield and start typing the name of the app.
When you start apps through Where is my App? it will count the app-launches and will group your most used apps on top of the view.
where is my app loading
The first screen of  Where is my App?

Organize Apps

You can open an advanced app menu by doing a long press in an app icon. In this menu you will find a shortcut to deinstall the app or view more app information.
where is my app app menu
Deinstall apps with just a tap

Explore your device to find hidden Apps

With Where is my App? you can also start apps wich are kind of hidden from you :)
This way you can explore your android device in a new way.
where is my app
Searching for android system settings

To try it, just type "battery" or "facebook" and see what apps are hidden inside your android.
Not all of these apps are startable, but you will find some cool apps you have never seen before.

Find android system settings

A common problem for me is finding the system setting I am looking for. From time to time the android settings app changes and it gets really hard to find the system setting. Where is my App? can help you to directly open a specific settings activity.
To try it out, just type something like "usb" or "language". Cool right?

where is my app
All available Battery Apps

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